Honeywell Total Connect 2.0


Total Control of Your Home Security with

Total Connect 2.0 From HoneyWell


Total Connect 2


Whether you're on vacation or have long days at work, Total Connect 2.0 allows you to have an eye on your home through fully-capable mobile management of your home security system. 










Download Total Connect 2.0 here


Features of Total Connect 2.0


Remote Control of Security System


total connect remote control


Use the remote control to control every aspect of your system - arming or disarming the security system, locking or unlocking the main doors of the home, turning lights on or off, adjusting the temperature in individual rooms remotely, or even opening and closing the garage door - total control in the palm of your hand.


Smart Routines


total connect smart scenes


Use the remote system to automatically take care our routine actions that you can customize. Adjust the temperature or lock the doors at a certain time, run specific checks throughout the house before bedtime, and much more. Total Connect 2.0 from Honeywell takes care of the routine, giving you peace of mind to focus on what's important. 


Push Notifications


total connect push notifications


Total Connect 2.0 maximizes your hands-off ability to manage your home security system through alerts sent through push notifications. Get alerts when specific actions are taken at home such as doors opening, temperature changes above or below a set limit, water leaks, motion detectors tripping and so on.




total connect geo fencing


Location awareness systems plugging into your phones in-built GPS, alert you when you are leaving a certain boundary you set. These alerts remind you to set the alarm and deactivate when you re-enter the boundary. This system ensures your home is never unprotected when you leave. 


Download Total Connect 2.0 here














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