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It is a generally accepted rule of home safety that video surveillance systems like security cameras, motion sensors, and external lighting systems can deter burglars better than options like a home defence weapon or a well-training guard dog. Deterrence is a far better option in the eyes of most people, which is why nearly 90% of our home security clients opt for high-definition residential security cameras that are strategically placed across the entire property. 


More importantly, should any untoward incident happen, recorded surveillance footage is a valuable tool for law enforcement and a crucial piece of information for homeowners when dealing with the insurance company.  


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As a homeowner, if you're still on the fence about a home security camera system, keep these points in mind:

  1. Home security camera systems continue to evolve and now capture sharper, clearer images than ever before. 

  2. Modern home surveillance systems also feature a handy wireless component that gives tremendous flexibility regarding camera placement. 

As a trusted Honeywell Home Security Dealer for more than ten years, Protective Security Systems can provide the ideal home security system customized for your needs. 


Honeywell Total Connect Security Cameras


One of the best video surveillance camera systems for residences on the market, Total connect camera systems from Honeywell is the clear market leader and is one of our most popular home security solutions. Factory equipped with motion sensors, the cameras activate when they sense movement and can also be programmed to send a quick ten-second clip to any of your portable devices. 


Video Home Entry Systems


Ideal for homeowners who travel frequently or have long commutes, video doorbell systems such as the ones available to Honeywell Total Connect customers add an extra layer of home security to existing systems. When integrated correctly, video doorbell systems allow you to see who is at the front door, have a conversation with them, and decide to open the door or not entirely remotely. 


Customizable Home Security Solutions 


Unlike other companies that have a set range of plans or security options that homeowners have to choose from, we prefer to tailor our solutions to match the homeowner's requirements perfectly. To do so, we conduct a thorough security assessment that takes into account factors such as:

  1. The threat level in the Neighbourhood

  2. Proximity to other houses, main roads, hide-worthy areas such as woods, clusters of trees, shrubs, and so forth

  3. Entry & exit points to the home

  4. Natural vs artificial lighting and so on. 


Residential Security Camera Installation & Service


We understand that when you opt for a home security camera system from Protective Security Services, you're putting the safety of your home, your treasured possessions, and your loved ones in our hands. That is a responsibility that means the world to us. It's why when it comes to installation, maintenance, or service of these camera systems, we only work with well-trained company employees who have been thoroughly vetted and are regularly supervised to make sure you get only the best service imaginable. 


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It's always a wise decision to prevent something terrible from happening than reacting once it does. If you have even the slightest concern about the safety & security of your home, give us a call. Our team of professionals will conduct a brief security audit before generating a No-Obligation quote to put your mind at ease.