Alarm Monitoring Services

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When a fire, break-in, or some other form of emergency happens at home, it's a critical factor to keep in mind that not all alarm systems come equipped to notify emergency services automatically. This means you lose valuable time trying to contact the fire, police, or ambulance services when you should instead be focusing on the safety and well-being of your loved ones. 

With our 24-hour alarm monitoring service, our customers can rest assured that someone is keeping a watchful eye on their home and can respond immediately once the alarm signal has been received and verified. 


What is an alarm monitoring system? 


Similar to how trained operators man 911 emergency hotlines around the clock, we have a dedicated team of trained dispatchers on hand to respond at a moment's notice. These dispatchers have access to interconnected systems throughout your home, such as fire alarms, access controls, environmental controls, and even exterior lighting and motion sensors. They are trained to use these systems to gauge the severity of the issue and ensure that the appropriate emergency services are notified. 


Benefits of an Alarm Monitoring System


At Protective Security Services, our team of professional dispatchers is always on the job. Once our UL-listed central station receives an alarm notification, the team quickly verifies the emergency by going through your call list and following protocols to ensure accuracy. If dependable home security monitoring services in Western Massachusetts are what you're looking for, stop spending hours trying to find reliable companies on Google. We have got you covered. 


With the current economic recovery, climate issues, and other societal ills making home security more critical than ever, a standard burglar alarm just isn't going to cut it. As one of the top alarm monitoring companies in Western Massachusetts, our team of security professionals and trained alarm monitoring dispatchers works together to minimize the amount of damage an emergency can cause. 


Monitoring Center Excellence


Whatever the situation outside, from adverse weather conditions to power outages, our UL-Listed monitoring center is well-equipped to keep your home and your family safe. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, a member of our trained dispatch team will be on-call to act on a moment's notice, should anything untoward happen to your home. 


We ensure that all of our clients benefit from:

  1. Unbeatable customer service

  2. Regular inspections and maintenance checks

  3. On-going training for our dispatchers on the latest security threats and technologies

  4. A reduction in false alarm notifications as a result of constant vigilance. 

To keep the UL approval of our monitoring center, we ensure that rigid operational & procedural criteria are evaluated and met every year. UL, as the certifying body, also conduct regular checks to confirm compliance.

For over twenty years, we have taken great pride in our hard-earned reputation as one of the best home security companies in Western Massachusetts.