Installing a high-tech home surveillance system or other security mechanisms is always expensive. But if you do not have the means to afford such big-budget home security solutions, a customized home security solution coupled with some innovative DIY Home Security tricks can easily enhance your home's security.

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Use Pin Locks  

Pin locks are feasible to secure your double-hung windows. All you need to do is drill a hole through the topmost rail of the lowermost sash to install a pin lock. The pin lock will hold together the sash frames so that it seals the entire structure very well. You can purchase pin locks online or from home centers to boost your home security system. 


Safeguard Sheds Using Screws

You might feel that your shed is safe once it is locked, but you're mistaken. Any experienced burglar can comfortably unlock it in the blink of an eye with the help of a screwdriver to unfasten the screw heads. Torx head, Allen's head, and Hex-head cap screws are the best for home security solutions. They will foil any attempts at robbing your shed as they fasten the hinges with the door very tightly. These advanced screws are a hard nut to crack, requiring highly sophisticated removal tools to which an amateur thief is unlikely to have much access.


Use Window Alarms

Make use of wireless alarms because any sort of noise can scare the burglars off. Hence, using wireless alarm is an ingenious DIY home security hack to safeguard your home from the prying eyes of burglars.


Give Burglars a Hard Time

Use a lock with a shackle that is substantially thick and formidable compared to any other ordinary lock. A lock with a thicker shackle poses a bigger challenge to burglars. It is not very easy to unbolt a shackle with a greater thickness using bolt cutters. Use this cutting-edge alternative for your home security solutions to safeguard your home. 


Secure Your Deadbolt

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The main point of accessing a house is through its entry door. Usually, thieves gain entry by merely kicking the door. A deadbolt is a tool that seals the door firmly once it is closed. Besides, you need to install a deadbolt protection device that glides a lock over the deadbolt handle to block it from turning.


Stregthen Your Doors Strike Plate

A jamb holds up the frame of the door and prevents it from falling off. It is necessary to fortify the doorjamb with a hard strike plate and screws which are extra long. This arrangement will bar the burglars from barging in easily by striking the door with their foot. 


Secure Patio Doors

You can use an auxiliary foot lock to fasten your patio doors. This type of lock comes with a bolt that fits easily into a grommet to secure your door. This lock lets the door open within 3 inches without making any compromise to your security. 


Install Inexpensive Safes

Instead of investing much on a large, pricey safe, you can get a cylinder floor safe or a wall safe at affordable prices. You can fix a floor safe along the surface of the floor. To ensure the security of the safe, install it in a secret area of your home. You can screen a wall safe behind a picture hanging along the wall. It takes little effort to employ such smart DIY home security hacks. 



These are some ways in which you can improvise your home security with less effort and without straining your finances. As a part of home security solutions, these DIY home security hacks can come in handy as they are simple, innovative, and within one’s means.