Top Home Alarm System Trends for 2019

Home alarm systems are advertised everywhere these days. Technology has gotten better and better, to the point that these alarm systems are more like smart homes. That is, they do a lot more than just scare off intruders by making loud noises. Instead, they handle a number of other tasks, all designed to make your home even more secure. If you’re planning on installing a home alarm system in 2019, there are some trends that you need to look out for. We’ll go into some detail on them here. Keep all of these in mind when you’re shopping for ways to make your house safer.

Smash Proof

In the past, all that a burglar had to do was smash the home security system panel, and the problem went away. Any alarm system would be automatically turned off, and no one would be alerted. The newer panels are smash proof. No matter how much force is used, they’ll still work. On top of that, many of them contain silent alarms which send information to the authorities the second something happens. These heavy-duty home alarm systems are pretty much tamper-proof, making everything in your home that much safer. You’ll also notice that the panels are slimmer, and therefore are easier to hide as well. Yes, you want one that’s near your front or side door where you can easily arm and disarm it, but you also don’t want it to be as noticeable. The newer models are both, making them a great investment.

Home Automation

The commercials for some of these home automation systems show how you can control certain things in your home from your smartphone. There’s literally – as the commercial goes - “an app for that.” Thanks to this app and the automation, you can operate your curtains, turn on lights, and even monitor your front door. For example, if you left the house and forgot to lock the front door, you’ll be able to remedy the situation from wherever you’re located, thanks to your cell phone. All of these things can deter burglars as well. If the curtains are drawn, the door is locked, and the lights are on, many burglars will steer clear of your home.

Hidden Security Cameras

If you’ve ever watched on the Paranormal Activity movies, then you know what these cameras used to look like. Home surveillance cameras were very large and not all inconspicuous. They were easy for burglars to avoid because could just drape things over the cameras, spray paint the lenses, or even just rip the cameras down from their perches. It also didn’t help that these older cameras each contained a videotape, which could be stolen as well. The new models are nothing like this. They are tiny, for the most part, wire-free, and digital, meaning that their feeds went to one central computerized location. These cameras are tough for home invaders to spot, and tampering with them is much harder as well.

Geo-Fencing Operates Automatically

This is one of the cooler home alarm trends. You can literally set up a geo-fence around your home. How does this work? Well, you set up a trigger point on the fence (which is invisible, for the record) and when you pull into your driveway, for example, the geo-fence detects your cell phone’s signal and automatically turns off your alarm system. It works the same way when you go to leave. Once you pull out of your driveway, then the system will turn on. You can set the trigger points to be anything, from several feet away from your front door to the very edge of your property. There’s a lot of customization involved here.

Multi-Way Communication

Another new feature in home alarm systems are the communication options. These new control panels (the ones installed on your wall) are designed with two-way speakers in them. This means that you can talk through them, as well as listen to what the other person is saying. While it won’t necessarily scare off a burglar, it will help you communicate with any authorities who arrive before you get home. You’ll also be able to listen in on the home invader’s conversations, keep track of what their voices sound like, and give you even more evidence once they are caught. In addition to this, you can also spook your pets by speaking through the system when you’re not home. (This just allows you to have a little fun with it.)

As you can see, there are plenty of home alarm system advances and trends to look for in 2019. These systems are getting increasingly sophisticated and, at the same time, are making it easier for you to deter burglars or even monitor them when they’re in your home. This also provides plenty of evidence should everything end up in court.