Store Security

It’s hard to keep everything in your store secure during the holiday season. Shoppers roam the aisles by the hundreds, providing unintentional coverage for shoplifters.

These shoplifters know that this is the best time of the year to head to the stores for that reason alone. While you could always install additional security cameras in order to keep your merchandise from literally walking away, there are several other ways to beef up your store’s security as well. One or more of these suggestions should help.

#1. Rearrange Your Store to Get Rid of Blind Spots

Blind spots are the shoplifter’s best friend. These people scout the store, looking for quiet corners where the security cameras can’t see them. In many of these blind spots, the employees can’t see the shoplifters as well, making them doubly safe. Although most of your regular shoppers won’t be happy to see that you’ve rearranged the store, doing this to take out those blind spot will definitely deter shoplifters. Plus, if you keep rearranging the store every so often (this may not be possible, depending on how large your store is) they won’t be able to scout the store as easily.

#2. Hire Additional Security Guards and Enlarge Your Anti-Theft Team

Extra security is a must-have for every store owner this time of year. You should hire additional security guards (as well as additional anti-theft department employees) to ensure that everyone in the store is safe. These security guards need to be on hand even when the store closes because someone will need to get that day’s transaction money safely to either the bank or the store’s safe. You never know when a thief will pop up. Some may target the merchandise, while others will go after the money. These additional security guards and anti-theft employees can protect both. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

#3. Train Your Employees on How to Spot Shoplifters

Not only do you need to have an anti-theft team (if your store is big enough) and some security guards, but you also need to train your standard employees on anti-theft measures. They need to be able to spot a shoplifter in progress, know the signs of someone casing the place, and understand exactly what the anti-theft procedures are. If someone should walk in and try to rob the register, what do they do? Where are the activation buttons for the security system? How can they tell who is a regular shopper and who’s a shoplifter? These are all things that should be gone over in a pre-holiday security training session.

#4. Check Your Security System

When was the last time you checked your store’s security system? It’s probably been a while unless you’re one of those shop owners who go over it every other month or so. No matter what, take the time to check the security system. This means that you need to ensure that every camera is working properly, that your door alarms are easily engaged, and that any other security measure that you’ve taken is working correctly. And if they aren’t working right, you need to get them repaired asap. You shouldn’t go without a working security system during the holiday shopping season.

#5. Have a Professional Risk Assessment Completed

Although it will cost a bit of money up front, having a professional risk assessment will actually end up saving you money in the long run. These assessments, which are completed by security professionals, will show you where your store’s weaknesses are located. They’ll also include some suggestions for improvement. If you’re really worried about having to deal with shoplifters and thieves this time of year, then you should hire a risk assessment professional. You’ll get peace of mind and some solid ways to keep your shop and employees safe.

#6. Upgrade Your Store’s Wi-Fi Security

You probably haven’t considered whether or not your store’s Wi-Fi is secure. After all, you’re probably busy checking on everything else that’s security related. However, data theft is a major problem. If you’re allowing your store’s transactions to take place over an open, unsecured network, then your customer’s information may be at risk. You should never risk a data breach like this. Instead, upgrade your Wi-Fi and prevent any potential issues from occurring.

#7. Make Sure the Doors are Locked When you aren’t Open

Finally, you need to make sure that the doors to your store are locked when you aren’t open. Many shops have automatic doors that stay unlocked from the time the first employee arrives until you close and everyone leaves for the day. This practically invites thieves in to take advantage of the situation. You’ll have to adjust your routines slightly, but locking those doors when you aren’t open will definitely prevent some thefts from occurring.

Now that you know how to keep your store safe and secure, we would love to hear from you if you have tried any innovative ideas and methods to keep your retail store safe and sound. Do share them with us. Alternatively, also take a look at our home security systems guide.