Home Security Trends 2018

Technology is always changing and advancements are being made constantly. The new home security systems that are trending have more capabilities than ever before. When you are looking into a security system, you are looking at making an investment in not only your home and belongings but also your family. The cost of these devices can scare people out of getting them because they don’t want to spend the money.

However, there are new options that are both effective and reasonable in cost. The deadbolts of long ago aren’t enough to do the job anymore, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on the most advanced protection either. Check out the top home security trends in MA in 2018, and you might be surprised at what you find.

Remote Operations from Smart Devices

When you think about home security, you probably picture the big panel on the wall that you punch a code into. You’re put under pressure because it has to be armed or disarmed within a certain amount of time or the authorities get an alert that something is happening. That isn’t how these devices work anymore. Many people are taking advantage of the option of arming and disarming their systems from their phones or tablets. The best part is you don’t even have to be home to do it. You can control the system from wherever you are located around the world.

Some of the remote operations allow you to do more than just turn on or turn off your security too. Think about your partner or child getting home for the day only to discover their keys are missing. Instead of you having to drop everything to go let them in, you can remotely unlock the door. The same goes for locking it up if you get to work and remember that you forgot to do it before you left.

Video Access and Implementation of Your Existing Equipment

Do you have old tablets or cell phones lying around collecting dust? Did you ever think that you would be able to do anything with them again? Even if you’ve upgraded your personal smart devices, that doesn’t mean you have to pitch the old ones.

As long as they have a camera and video feature, they can become part of your security system. You can activate the live streaming capability and then sync it to whatever app you are using to protect your home. When you want to check what’s going on, the cameras will kick on and show you. You don’t have to pay for the fancy equipment that’s on the market because you already own it

Integrating Multiple Systems into Security

You may not like the idea of spending money on just a security system, because it only does one job for you. What if you could use that security system to get more things done? That sounds a bit more appealing. In 2018, security systems are becoming more comprehensive than ever before. Along with protecting your family, your home, and your belongings, you can also use it for:

  • Appliance control
  • Controlling lights
  • Temperature regulation
  • Carbon monoxide and fire detection

Automated Drones for Video Footage

Drones are seemingly everywhere these days. They take incredible images that we wouldn’t get otherwise going into places that humans can’t physically get to. They are also becoming a more popular home security element.

When the alarm is set off, the drone can be set to fly up to 20 feet outside the house or even inside the home if that’s what you prefer. While it’s flying, it’s recording everything that’s going on. That way, if there is a criminal on your property, you have cold, hard evidence. You don’t have to worry if the drone gets stolen too. It captures the video and sends it directly to you.

Voice Activation Capabilities

If you’ve not said it yourself, you’ve heard someone else say it: “Hey, Alexa” or “Hey, Siri,” and then magically something happens. Home security systems are jumping on board with the voice-activation feature as well. It is expected to make the systems run more efficiently, and to make them a lot more fun for homeowners that install them.

Through voice-activation, users can control the thermostat, activate humidity controls, and turn the lights on or off.

Keeping the Children Safe

Child safety features are a main selling point for a lot of parents, and the home security industry is taking notice. There are advancements being made so that if a kid decides he or she wants to leave the house without permission, the parents are notified either through their smart device or an audible alarm.

The video feature also allows the grown-ups to check in on babies that are sleeping or teenagers that are in their rooms doing their homework.