What are Security Systems?

Security Systems are an integral part of every advancement being made in technology, isn’t it? Then what happens when we leave our own properties free to be easily intruded?! Hence we bring up the use of electronic systems to secure our privacy as well as our prized possessions.

These electronic equipments could perform security operations like surveillance, access control, alarming or an intrusion control to a facility or area. This kind of security relates to leveraging innovation in defensive holding by anticipating unapproved access to individuals and property.

Determination of security system is entirely based on the type of threat and the area to be protected.

Why Home Security & Alarm Systems?

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As we all know that crime rates are increasing day by day due to greater exposure to technology, hence it’s not comforting until we provide a sure for our security, be it at our houses or offices. We always strive to keep our property, our beloved ones as safe as possible. Home security equipments have made it easier to ensure this safety. Installing a home security system can be costly, but not installing can cost us more. Few reasons as to why we should install a Home security System can be enlisted below:-

#1. Protect your home and family from intruders:

According to a recent survey , homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar.

#2. Protect your home and family from fires:

In just minutes of a fire breaking out, our homes can be filled with thick black smoke that makes it impossible for the home occupants to breathe. Hence, monitored home alarm systems not only warn us about the smoke in the home but also warn us about the sources of heat and a way to contact the authorities.

#3. Provide our family with peace of mind:

When homeowners are elderly, incapacitated in some way or left home alone, anxiety always accompanies us regarding their safety. This calls for a way to ensure our peace of mind. Home alarms are beneficial for such families which not only keep a check on all the areas of our houses but also dispatch authorities when required.

#4. Protect your valuables:

Throughout our lifetime, we collect and purchase a slew of items that have meaning to us. From sentimental inheritances to expensive purchases, these things represent who we are and the accomplishments we have made. However, we would always want to protect these from burglars and thieves.

#5. Having our house continuously being monitored:

Leaving town for business or going on vacation can be nerve wracking even with a home alarm, but with monitoring services there is always someone to respond to emergency situations.

How Does Home Alarm Systems Work?

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When our home security system’s alarm sounds, it could mean many things. We could have an intruder in our home or a fire could have broken out or there could be any other reason. Be it a false alarm or an emergency call, a triggered alarm system is always stressful and unpleasant to us.

Hence, understanding how alarms, doors and window sensors work and when it gets triggered can help us keep calm in such situations.

Door and Window Sensors:

Doors and window sensors make up the backbone of any home security system. Ideally, these sensors can be placed on every door and window, but why spend so much? They can be placed on a lower level to save money.

If the door or window gets opened or breached when the alarm is on, the sensor sends a signal to the main control panel to trigger the alarm.

Sensors are either wired directly into the alarms of our systems or they have a battery to power them so they can function wireless. However, the wired sensors require more time and effort to install. On the other hand, batteries on the sensors require frequent checking so that they don’t run low. The connection between the two sensor pieces are made in one of several ways. Some sensors rely on magnets to create the connection between them.

A shatter sensor detects the sound of a window breaking, alerting your alarm system in the process. IP surveillance also works the similar way. It includes the utilization of a system Polaroid system switch, a computer for review, supervising and saving video/audio.

Access Control Systems:

System which provides a secured access to a facility or another system to enter or control it can be called as an access control system. It can also act as attendance providing system which can play a dual role. According to user credentials and possessions access control system is classified, what a user for access makes system different, user for multiple access controls involved.

The Different Types of Security Systems

Based on functioning and technology usage and conditions of necessity, classification of Security Systems can be done as follows:

For home & commercial use:
● CCTV Surveillance Security System
● Fire Detection/Alarming System
● Access Control/Attendance System

For automobiles:
● Navigation devices for vehicle tracking
● Remote ignition blocking
● Iceberg-a bevy of high-tech car security systems track cars via GPS or radio, and can even kill the ignition from afar

The Benefits of Having a Home Security System

The following case study says how a Home security system saved the owner’s life:

It’s late into the evening and Tom was tucked into the bed. The blankets wrapped around him having formed a cocoon, there was no sign of him moving or waking up until the next morning. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Within hours, a small flame from a candle left in the bathroom caught the shower curtain on fire.

Tom was fast asleep. He couldn’t smell the fire, and he didn’t wake up. He didn’t have any clue of the present danger until the smoke alarms in his home sound off to alert him of the deadly fire situation. Within moments all five of the interconnected smoke alarms in the home were chirping away. Tom woke up to flee the house and wait for the fire responders. He’s safe and alive, thanks to the job of his smoke alarms.

Save on Insurance with Home Security System

A monitored home security system protects us, our family and our home against all sorts of intruders, this being a reason enough to install them. But apart from such benefits, there is an additional bonus you are offered which makes the decision to get one - we could save a bundle on insurance!

Many insurers offer deep discounts when a homeowner has a home security system. We could save 15 to 20% on the premium. This is something not everyone is aware of, but it surely does help us a great deal in saving some amount.

However, this kind of saving is reserved for the monitored systems that notify authorities when there is a problem.

To put it simply, a home that is less likely to be broken into, will have a greatly reduced chance of needing the insurance company to pay claims. Insurers prefer this so they discount insurance for protected homes.

Expenses on Home Security System

Well, the cost of installation and maintenance of Home Security System in MA & CT differs from system to system. However an estimated price can be quoted.

A monitored home security system can cost as much as $15-$60 per month. Some providers may require us to pay for all the equipments, installation and activation upfront for about $99-$650.

An unmonitored or self-monitored system can cost between $70-$600, depending on the components we choose to install.

Prerequisites to Set up a Home Security System

The basic equipment for our security system are:
● Lighting
● Cameras
● Sensors

How to Install a Home Security System?

No matter the security system we want in our home, it must go through an installation process. While most systems require a professional installation, there are systems available today that allow us to complete the process in DIY fashion. Surely, the professional installation may seem to be more professional, but the DIY process can ease the installation.

Professional installation can involve a lot of expenditure, in addition to that if we relocate we may have to pay another installation fee to have the system moved and reinstalled. Also, we have less control over the setup of the system which means we might not be completely satisfied with the locations of the sensors and cameras.

While when we get to perform DIY installation, we get to choose for ourselves where we want to install the cameras and sensors, we can make sure if all our windows have sensors including the ones that are on the second and third floor too. Also we shouldn’t forget that we can set up the system to connect a mobile application on our phone, making our system accessible even when we aren’t at home.

This has been made possible by the growth of Internet of Things in the field of technology.

What are the Best places to Install the Security Camera?

Deciding where to install the CCTV cameras is very important to avoid pitting all our efforts in vain.

Install Surveillance cameras at the front door. Around a quarter percent of burglars enter through front door so we would definitely want a security camera watching. Place the camera at the level of the second floor so that it can’t be easily knocked out. An average height of 9 feet can be maintained so that even a person of height 6 can be stopped from bashing the camera.

Although it is important to make sure that the camera is seen.

Best Brands of Home Security systems

However, to cut down our maintenance expenditure, it is important to set up the security systems of good brand for proper functioning.

Some of the brands for wireless indoor home cameras can listed below:

● Honeywell HD3MDIHX -720P TDN H 264 Indoor fixed
● Flir FX FXV101-H
● D-Link DCS-2630L
● Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN

Some of the brands for wireless outdoor surveillance cameras can listed below:
● Hikvision DS-2CD3132 2.8mm Lens Mini Dome Camera 1080P POE IP CCTV
● Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog(HDCVI) 8CH Video Security System
● Swann-SWPRO-760CAM-PRO-760-Super Wide-Angle Security Camera
● Ario Smart Home Security Camera

Where to Buy?

Worried where to find the best Home Security Systems?

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