Home Alarm System

Have you ever walked into a friend or family member’s home to see them punch a code on a pin pad? You’re wondering what that might be used for, but you don’t want to be nosy, so you don’t say too much. Of course, you realize that it’s a home alarm system, but you don’t understand the whole thing.

It’s something that you’ve only seen in the movies, and you may have never considered putting one in your own house. It's only for the rich and very important population in your mind. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Not anymore anyway. Discover why you need a home alarm system installed sooner rather than later.

What is a Home Alarm System?

A home alarm security system is precisely what it sounds like. It’s an alarm system for your home. Now, there are a plethora of different kinds of home alarm systems, and that’s where things can get tricky when you’re trying to decide which one you need, or if you need one at all. The difference in home alarm systems comes when you start talking about the available features. Depending on what you are looking for, you can have:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • 2-way communication capabilities
  • Instant push notifications
  • Control over the home's appliances (temperature, lights, television, etc.)

You’ll have to make a note of what you want to be able to do and explore what you can get for your budget. When it’s time to go shopping, it will help in narrowing your results down.

Why Do You Need A Home Alarm System?

You need a home alarm system to protect your family, your pets, your belongings, and probably the biggest investment that you’ve ever made. You are putting, all of your hard earnings into your house. It’s where the majority of people’s money goes. Don’t you want to keep it safe from harm?

A home alarm system can alert you, a dispatch, or the proper government personnel when there is a fire, a burglar, or anything else that could potentially cause you harm or loss. It is the first and quickest line of defense that you’re ever going to be able to find.

The Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

The benefits of installing a home security system are umpteen. The whole process of having an alarm system installed and the cost associated with that and the monitoring might make your doubt putting one in. Instead of thinking of what you may consider a bit of a hassle, think about the benefits because they are plentiful.

  • Early warning of fire
  • Protection from unwanted intruders
  • Detection and notification of carbon monoxide
  • 24/7 monitoring by a third-party
  • Watching over your kids, pets, and valuables
  • Lower homeowner’s insurance rates
  • Potential to reduce energy rates
  • Gives you remote access to the house

You may think that it’s too expensive to have a home alarm system installed, but in the long run, it’s going to pay for itself.

Choosing the Right Home Alarm System

If you’re still on the fence about home alarm systems, take a look at these two Honeywell models and the features they offer.

Honeywell Lyric

  • Wi-Fi or Z-wave operable
  • Controls for: security, lights, thermostats, locks, video
  • 7-inch display
  • 100 energy saving settings for energy savings

Honeywell Vista 20p Version

  • Self-monitoring
  • Motion sensors
  • Door and window transmitter sensors
  • Wireless key transmitter
  • Scheduling capabilities for energy savings
  • Single button operation

Each of these devices offers different features depending on what you are looking for. That is why it is imperative to think in detail what you are expecting from your home alarm system.

Do you want to monitor your device yourself, or do you want someone else doing it for you? Do you want to be able to control your system from your smart device wherever you are at or is that something that doesn’t concern you? Have these kinds of answers before you start shopping.

Your Home Alarm System is a Fine Investment

Energy savings alone are a good reason for installation of a home alarm system. Think about those nights you decide to stay out of town, but you have the lights on and the heat cranked up for your return. An advanced home automation security system can cut all that off and save money that would have otherwise been spent on your energy running until you could get home to turn it down.

You might look at the sticker price of an alarm system and think that it’s too much for your budget. Remember that your system is going to stay in place for years. It’s also something that is used every day. Even if you aren’t physically touching it, it’s still there to monitor your home if something unexpected happens.

The realization that your family and home are safe from harm is something that you can’t put a price tag on. No matter what unit you decide on, it’s going to be worth your investment.