Home Automation

Not long ago, the idea of home automation and smart homes were limited to the imagination and the "Jetsons" animators. The concept of home automation becoming a reality was not thought of by most of us.

Lately, though, the concept is making terrific strides in becoming an actuality, and homeowners now have the opportunity to live more like the Jetsons than ever before.

As more products and tech become available, the advantages of home automation will become better understood, and homeowners across the world will begin to upgrade.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation allows the remote control of primary home systems. The most common way this is being accomplished is via a smartphone app or a central unit.

With these products, it becomes possible to control items within your home. Smartphone apps can give you remote access to things such as temperature settings, lights, and security systems. The centralized units, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, have advanced to the point you can give oral orders. With the right set of equipment, you can vacuum the floor with your Roomba and dictate a grocery list all while walking around your perfectly cooled house.

Note: Dusting will still have to be done by you, but give it time.

And, in addition to the apparent convenience these products offer, there are hidden benefits of home automation you might not be aware of or considered.


Primary Home Automation Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  • Did I turn off the living room lights?
  • Did we lower the thermostat?
  • Was the Coffee Pot turned off before we left?

Probably all of them, right? And, then, the electric bill comes in (cue the shower scene music from Psycho). You can increase your home’s energy efficiency with systems and appliances you can remotely power off.

Whether you’ve just done a mad dash to work, or to the airport for a well-earned vacation, your mind will be put at ease with the knowledge you can “go back” and remotely flip any switches you may have forgotten.


Speaking of well-earned vacations, a great home automation benefit is that over time, it will pay itself off. Once you use your home's systems and appliances only when you need to, those savings will add up. Plus, you'll not only be able to conserve money, but you'll also be able to save time. Instead of checking every room manually to see if the lights are off, you can just swipe your phone. You wouldn't have to run home from work to lock the house if you forgot, just log in, and you're covered.


How often do you come home after dark and realize that you forgot to turn on the porch light before you left? Sure, you could get a motion detection light, and it may work too if you remember to turn it on. Then what happens if you leave it on all night and the neighborhood cats decide to have a party in your front yard? On, off, on, off…all night long.

Whether you are in your car, or in bed, now you can just tap your finger to turn on the lights. No more walking to your front door, wondering who may be lurking in the shadows, and no more lying awake in bed, wondering what that noise was.

Have you ever been stuck at work while the kids were at home and called you to let you know they were going to a friend’s house? How often do you have to remind them to lock the door? How often do they remember?

With home automation, the power is at your fingertips to ensure a safer and more secure environment for you and your family.


Other Advantages of Home Automation


Go on a long vacation without bothering about adjusting your thermostat setting. With home automation, you can remotely adjust your settings back to a comfortable level right before your return, making your house even more welcoming after a long trip. You also end up saving a ton on electricity.

Be More Green

One added benefit that comes from home automation is the reduced impact our regular routines can have on the planet. Not only do these systems save you time and money, they also make your routines “greener” without any extra effort.


Home Automation Equals Convenience

Some may be a little leery of putting that much control into the hands of technology. And it’s an understandable concern.

Consider, though, once upon a time many people had similar feelings about items we now take for granted, such as microwaves, cars, telephones and even electricity. Now, we can't imagine a world without them.

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