Voice Home Automation

Recent advancements in speech recognition technology have made voice-controlled home automation a modern possibility that is no longer merely a luxury found only in science fiction. The technology for voice home automation is in reach like never before, and the gadgets we need for it are easily obtainable and affordable. Now is the time to use such technology to make our homes better.

Voice Controlled Home Automation. How Can It Make My Home Better?

To have a home with voice controlled home automation means you have the power to streamline the functionality of your entire home. If you’re cooking and find that your hands are too messy to change the current playlist you’re listening to, or when the baby falls asleep in your arms and you need to dim the lights and lower the volume on the TV, you merely have to utter a command to the listening smart speaker and you obtain immediate results with minimal effort. To have a home with voice home automation is having functionality meet modern convenience in the best possible ways.

You have the ability to tell your coffee pot to start making coffee in the morning so that it will be ready for you by the time you get out of the shower. What could be better than that?

Voice Activated Home Automation: How Voice Commands Streamline the Home?

With voice controlled home automation, you have the best opportunity to run your home smarter and greener. Instantly, you can tell the smart speaker to dim the lights or to completely shut them off to conserve power.

Same goes with the air conditioner or the blinds to conserve energy at peak times of the day. Did you forget to shut the garage door? No need to get up from the bed and go all the way back to the garage to find out. Just telling the smart speakers to close the door is all that you would need to do.

When your kids are working on homework and have a question, they can ask the smart device to find the answer and provide references for a school report. If you’re cooking and realize that you forgot an ingredient in the recipe, you can ask the device for an alternate version of the recipe and instantly have a way to save your dinner. It’s all about the convenience; being able to do something on one side of the house and have the power to influence what happens on the other side of the house with just your voice.

How Can You Get Started With A Voice Command Home Automation System?

One of the best ways to get started is to get a smart speaker. This is something like the Amazon Echo which, depending on which one you buy, can be as low as $200. From there on it’s all about getting your devices to communicate with each other.

The easiest way to speak to your system is to install voice recognition software and put a microphone on the computer where you’ve installed the voice recognition software. Then the computer can be told commands and through the voice recognition software, it can then communicate to the other automated systems listening from multiple speakers, throughout the house.

Another way voice home automation can make your home better is, if your security system is set up through your home automation system then your voice controlled home automation system can enable or disable the alarm system. If you use LED transmitters with your TV and speaker system then your voice activated home automation system can change the channel for you.

By implementing a modern technology like voice home automation, not only are you using a resource to streamline your home, you are also streamlining your life. Everyone wants to be as efficient as possible. There are only so many hours in the day and most of us struggle to juggle school, work, and then home life. What better way to manage your time than to have a voice controlled home automation system that you can instruct to help you as you run your home? It is the modern equivalent of having a butler in many ways.  

A voice command home automation system can also help keep your busy schedule organized. Without missing a beat, you could ask the system to remind you of your appointments for the next day, the week or even the month. These are the reasons why having a voice command home automation system can make your home better.

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