Despite all appearances to the contrary, more injuries occur to children inside the home than anywhere else. According to a recent study, 12000 children under 14 die each year due to injuries sustained at home.

At the same time, around 9.2 million make emergency room trips to treat accidents or injuries. While it's important to understand that the causes can range from fire, suffocation, drowning, firearms, falls, choking, and more, the key takeaway is that video monitoring your home or at least areas where children frequent is a vital and easy way to prevent your child from harm.

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Overlooked Areas in Your Home That Need Video Surveillance to Keep Children Safe


Entrances and Exits:

Installing a home video surveillance system near entrances and exits will allow you to keep an eye on who is coming or going from your property. This can be especially beneficial if you have older children who come in late at night or young ones who like to explore outside without direct supervision.


Play Areas:

If you have a playroom or a specific area of your home where children frequently play, it's essential to install video surveillance. This can help keep an eye on the kids if they are playing alone or with others and alert you to any potential dangers before they occur.


Staircases and Balconies:

Staircases and balconies are potential safety hazards for children. Installing a home video surveillance system in these areas will help ensure your child doesn't wander too close to the edge or have any accidents while playing.



Bathrooms can be dangerous for young children, especially when parents aren't around. A home video surveillance system will alert you to any hazardous situations and help keep your children safe. An important point to note is that camera systems in the bathroom need to be removed as the children age for privacy reasons.


Backyards and Gardens:

Your backyard and garden can be great places for children to enjoy the outdoors. However, it can also be dangerous if not appropriately monitored. Installing video surveillance systems in these areas will help you keep an eye on your kids while exploring outside.


Swimming Pool:

A swimming pool is a significant source of danger for young children. Installing video surveillance near your pool area will allow you to monitor the site and keep an eye on any activity in or around the swimming pool.



In addition to home video surveillance, you can take other home security measures to keep your children safe from harm. 

  • Installing a home security system with sensors, alarms and cameras will alert you when someone enters or leaves the property and notify the authorities if an emergency arises. 

  • Locking away dangerous items such as cleaning products and firearms

  • Ensuring smoke detectors are working and adequately supervising children can also help keep children safe.

By monitoring your home and taking the necessary precautions, you'll be able to ensure that your children are living, playing, and growing up in a secure environment.