Extremely responsive, courteous, professional

Extremely responsive, courteous, professional. the only reasonably priced person, and produced a top notch system with all the things we needed. explained everything, always available, and helpful in every way. Can't say enough. after getting 2 other quotes from people found elsewhere, this was a breath of fresh air. The other guy quoted me an outrageous price, and when I challenged him on it, he said "Well, I guess that depends on how much your family means to you." REALLY??!!?? Paul was the opposite of that loser. He was only professional, friendly, efficient, respectful of our home, and supplied everything we needed. And the price was very reasonable. I've referred him on, and they were very happy with their service too. Our broker/ contractor has switched to this service after the experience we had with him. He's great. :)

Protective Security Services is my go-to security solution

For the past 15 years, I have been a faithful and loyal customer of Protective Security Services utilizing their alarm and video security services for my residential property in Northeastern Connecticut.  Years back, I initially contacted Paul and his team to provide a quote for a home alarm system when constructing our new home.  We knew we had the right company as soon as we met the team.  Paul and his team were extremely professional, punctual and patiently explained the consultation, installation and monitoring process to us.Over the years, when I wanted to expand and upgrade various components to my alarm system, Paul was at the ready to assist with my repeated requests.  He didn’t try to oversell the products but guided me to a positive outcome.  He would continually make suggestions and offered solutions that he believed would be more cost effective and beneficial to my setup.  We worked together on each project and I felt I had his undivided attention.  More recently, Paul upgraded me to Total Connect allowing me complete automation of my alarm system remotely from my smart phone.  He also installed an asset tracker in my UTV utilizing the Total Connect technology.  I could not be happier with Protective Security Services and the wide array of modern security services offered.  They certainly have their finger on the pulse offering updated technology solutions for its customers.  A few years ago, I approached Paul to install a comprehensive camera system on my home.  Throughout the initial process, there were multiple changes to the quote and at every touch point, Paul would take the time to discuss the pros/cons of each hardware component thoroughly explaining the benefits (and short comings).  I never felt the job quoting was a rushed process simply to ink a deal.  I was very pleased with the final (and only) bid and agreed to the work.  Installation was a satisfying experience with Paul discreetly running wires and methodically making the runs look immaculate and orderly.  The DVR and software installation was completed with Paul explaining the complexity of this software and walking me through its operation while getting it online.    He also was instrumental in setting up remote capabilities of my camera system to my smartphone, tablet and remote computers.  Whenever I have questions about my system, Paul is always responsive to my needs and again, I am made to feel as I am his only client.  This “after the sale” service experience is very important to me and sets Protective Security Services above the rest.  Paul and his company have my utmost trust and confidence when addressing my residential security needs.  Protective Security Services is my go-to security solution and they have earned a satisfied customer for life!

Excellent Service

Good morning, this letter is for any company considering doing business with Protective Home Security. My name is Joe and I run 2 retail stores in CT. We had an older security company for many years who didn't take my business serious. I had decided it was time for major security change. I contacted Brinks and left my information with them. They said that they had a dealer near me that would call me back within 24hrs. Paul and his people at Protective Security Services impressed me first by just returning my call. I know that sounds wired but allot of places can't even do that. They came down to give me an estimate. I could tell they were very personable people when we met. They did an excellent job installing the new equipment, they cleaned up after themselves. They took the time after the installation to show me each aspect of the new alarm panel and what it could do. The install ran late, however the technician was not bothered by this at all and he stayed to make sure that we were taken care of. I was very impressed by this because being in retail I know how a late night can affect your attitude. Paul himself came by the next day to inspect everything and make sure we were up to spec. He spent time with me and again went over the system with me to make sure I knew how to use it. Paul also made sure we were connected to Rapid Response the monitoring company. I have had only one problem since the install. I called Paul to explain the problem and he was able to troubleshoot and fix it over the phone. I can say without any doubt that I did business with the right company. Since then Paul has answered and returned all of my calls. He runs a very experienced and extremely professional company. My mobile number is below if anyone would like to speak to me about Protective Home Security.

Extremely Helpful and Professional

I recently began thinking about getting a security system for my home. I received a letter in the mail that one of my neighbors had Standard Security install a system in their home and Standard Security was offering a special deal to all people in my neighborhood. I had a representative come to my home to speak to me about their security systems. I told him that I would think about it and get back to him. Four days later, my home was broken into, so needless to say, I didn't feel comfortable using them to secure my home. I opened up the phone book and began to look for security systems that I was familiar with. I had seen the commercials on television for Brinks and I called them first! The company and he was extremely helpful. He was actually in New Haven at a home show and offered to stop by my house to talk to me about the Brinks Security System. He asked me what I was looking for and he designed a security system that I felt comfortable with. Within a week, the security system was installed and running. Everyone at Brinks was extremely helpful and professional. I am very pleased with the decision I made to use Brinks. My family and I were very nervous once the break in occurred, but since we had the Brinks Security System installed, we feel very safe and comfortable in our home, again.

I Slept Peacefully

I just wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with my Brinks Home Security system. The technician spent almost 6 hours at my house installing my system and then explaining everything I needed to know. He was informative and more importantly, neat. He carried a dust buster everywhere he went in my house. I have never seen anyone do that before. I appreciated not having to clean up a huge mess when he left. I spent one night in my house before I had the system installed. It was a very sleepless night. The night the system was installed, I slept peacefully. Peace of mind is a very powerful thing.
Thanks again for the great deal on my system, the professional installation and your own personal visit to make sure everything was the way I wanted it.


I am writing to let you know that I am a satisfied Brinks customer, due largely to the fine customer service he has shown me from the start of our business relationship. I was so pleased with his friendly attitude, professionalism and thorough description of how a Brinks system could meet my security needs that I set up an appointment. The sales consultant convinced me that a customized Brinks system would be best for my family. All the while I kept in mind their promise to deliver excellent customer service so that I would always be a satisfied Brinks customer. Well, they got the chance to show me how much he wanted my business and that he valued me as a potential customer. The alarm system I already had in place failed and my family was set to leave for vacation in 48 hours. I called them right away because he had convinced me that Brinks would take care of my needs. They  had a technician in my home the next morning to install a Brinks system, which gave me the peace of mind to go out of the country with my home well protected. He could have denied my request for an immediate install since I gave him such short notice, but they showed me that I am important to Brinks and that he and the company truly have my satisfaction, and my home security, in their best interest. Since the install they have helped me out again with some additional options for my system. They always return my calls promptly and treat me with courtesy and respect. Many companies say they value their customers, but few truly show it consistently, as has Protective Home Security, the office staff and field technicians. I would be happy to recommend this Brinks office! It is my pleasure to let you know that you have an outstanding dealer in Protective Home Security.

Pleasantly Surprised

I recently had a Brink's home security system installed in my home in Wolcott, CT by the authorized dealer and VP, Mr. Joe Ricco in Agawam, Massachusetts. Prior to the installation on the scheduled day, there appeared to be some miscommunication about the type of system that was going to be installed that evidently occurred during the presentation with the sales representative. Needless to say, I was a little concerned. Shortly after the technicians arrived at my house (and they were by far the most prompt service people I have EVER had the pleasure to work with), Mr. Riccio and the salesperson arrived, as well. I was pleasantly surprised because I have never known of an owner of any company to come to make sure the work out of his business is being executed promptly and professionally. Before the work began, I expressed my concerns to Mr. Ricco about the miscommunication and after about Y2 hour, he had not only corrected the concern, but he made sure I was compensated for the inconvenience. He was sincere about his desire to make sure my home was safe and that I was given the most security for my needs. I have made numerous referrals for Mr. Ricco's dealership and know of two people who have also purchased systems. Please be sure that I will continue to make referrals and when the need arises, I will made additions to my own system.

Quick and thorough response

I write to you today as an existing customer of Brinks Home Security, to inform you of a recent experience we had with one of your offices. Too often letters sent to corporate offices are from unsatisfied customers for one reason or another. I am happy to send this letter to highlight a positive experience we had with Brinks Home Security, and how high the bar of customer service was raised in this specific instance.

In May of 2005, my wife and I became Brinks Home Security customers and installed a new system in our Simsbury, Connecticut home. Protective Security Services, a Brinks system provider in Agawam, Massachusetts, installed the system at our home. The installation was performed as scheduled and with minimum disruption by the technician. I have spoken to one of the principals of Protective Home Security, on a few previous occasions and he has been very helpful and responsive to my calls. Recently, I contacted Joe with an unusual request and problem, and he very much impressed me with his attempts to obtain a solution. This is the reason for my letter to you today.

My wife's grandmother "Gramie" lives in Springfield, Massachusetts, in her home of over 40 years. As Joe can attest, this city has definitely seen better times and Gramie relies on her security system heavily. Her system went down sometime during the evening of Thursday, September 29. She placed a call to her security provider the following morning (Friday, September 30) and was told someone would come out to look at her system and to rectify her problem. Unfortunately, no one came to look at her alarm system and she was extremely upset to think that she would be looking at being home all weekend, alone, with no security system. On the morning of Saturday, October 1st, I placed a call to the PSS office to ask for assistance with the battery problem on Grammies system. They are obviously aware of the potential for after-hour needs of their customers, and their office phone rang to them directly that Saturday morning. PSS and I agreed to meet at Grammies later that day to assess the issue, and to replace the battery if he could. As luck would have it, the batteries were different so we couldn't take that approach. However, PSS took it upon themselves to do a full assessment on Grammies home, and proposed several options for upgrading her service to Brinks Home Security if she wished to change providers in light of the lack of service from her current provider. Gramie appreciated their assistance, and the fact that he came to her home on such short notice to help with her security situation. For those reasons, she chose to change providers and to switch to Brinks Home Security. PSS spent the rest of the weekend getting Gramie set up with a Brinks Account and had an installer at her house on Monday, October 2nd to switch her system. Without going into great detail, it's sufficient to say that this installation didn't go as smoothly as possible, due to the fact that Gramie lives in a very old home and her existing system was over ten years old. There were quite a few problems encountered by PSS and their team while they attempted to properly install the new Brinks System, but over the course of the next three days the system was installed. Gramie is very happy with her new service and feels comfortable knowing that, if she ever needs assistance with her security system, PSS and Brinks will be there for her. I cannot begin to articulate the level of gratitude myself, my wife and our other family members feel towards PSS based upon their quick and thorough response to our concern with Gramie and her security system fiasco. In addition the installer that worked on the system over three days (Tony) provided yet another impressive level of service throughout the time he spent working on the installation. Gramie was very appreciative of his work and commitment to her system, and we also wish to highlight his level of customer service. In closing, we felt compelled to send this letter to your attention, to highlight this exemplary example of customer service in Brinks Home Security. I hope you will take the time to personally pass on our appreciation to PSS, and thank them for the quick response and attention to our request. Most people want to feel like their account or needs are priority when they deal with their security provider. In this case, PSS made sure our needs were apriority. Thank you for your time.

We feel so safe now

As you already know, our home was broken into on the 22nd of June. As a result, I had called a previous alarm company, and a representative came out to talk with my family about the costs/coverage, etc. on the 25th of June. We were given a price over the phone, and it seemed all fine and dandy, until when he came to our house, he began adding in prices for miscellaneous items, I thought this was unfair. The straw that broke the camels back was when he said an installer cannot come out until July 18. Initially we were going with them, but my husband (yes, I'll give him credit!), advised me to call other companies, so I called Brinks and spoke with you on the 26th. You spoke to me so in depth on the phone in regards to the Brinks home security system packages; I really wanted to make sure when you came out, you were not going to tack on charges like the other company we were initially going with had done. When you told me over the phone on the 26th, there were no hidden fees you could think of(and that on your ride down, you would think of any, but there was none!), also that you could come out and see me in a few hours, and there was an opening the next day to have the alarm installed, this is what made me change my mind. Also, knowing that Brinks puts those whose homes are broken into on a priority list, was nice to hear. Thank you for coming out to our home on the 26th from Massachusetts to discuss with me in person our options. That really made me feel important, and most of all safe already. I probably drove you crazy, and Mike too, the installer, but we feel so safe now, and owe it all to you and Brinks!! Ifwe stayed with the other security system company, we still would not have the alarm installed! Thanks again for being honest about your company, many more companies should follow your lead!

I would recommend Pau to anyone

GPaul promptly arrived at the agreed time. He went over the plan and went right to work. I would recommend Paul to anyone that wants to upgrade their security in their home.

Very reliable and responsive

GVery reliable and responsive. I thought the pricing was very fair when compared with other contractors.

Excellent customer service

GPaul who installed the system provided excellent follow up when I had a problem at 6:30am, he called right back. Excellent customer service. Very supportive and cleaned up after himself. I would highly recommend him.

I already recommended him to my friends

GPaul was a pleasure to work with. I would use him again and I already recommended him to my friends.

Professional and reasonably priced

GI would recommend Protective Security Services to anyone without hesitation. We're very happy with the installation. He was very professional and reasonably priced.

I would definitely recommend Protective Security Services

GThe response, punctuality, and quality of the service performed were very good. I would definitely recommend Protective Security Services in the future.

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